Malaysian Centre for Geospatial Data Infrastructure (MaCGDI) was established under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE) to replace the Secretariat for National Infrastructure for Land Information System (NaLIS)MaCGDI is a centre established by the government to manage and promote the development of Malaysia Geospatial Data Infrastructure (MyGDI) as the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI). MaCGDI is also responsible for coordinating access and delivery of the geospatial information held by all government agencies. The main role of the centre is to continuously make available and accessible current and accurate geospatial data that promotes a sustainable living environment, economic growth and social progress for public.

 MaCGDI History

 Vision and Mission



Malaysia Geospatial Data Infrastructure (MyGDI) is an initiative by the government to develop a geospatial data infrastructure to enhance the awareness about data availability and improve access to geospatial information. This can be fulfilled by facilitating data sharing among participating agencies. MyGDI, as the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) for Malaysia, is a geospatial data infrastructure that comprises of policies, standards, technology research and development and skilled human resources.

 Background & Evolution

 MyGDI Initiatives

 MyGDI Objectives