Geospatial/GIS Initiatives in Malaysia




Jabatan Ukur dan Pemetaan Malaysia (JUPEM) - JUPEM Geoportal 


Peta Elektronik atau eMap merupakan peta digital yang berkonsepkan cartography multimedia dan plug and play yang dapat memaparkan maklumat spatial dan multimedia secara dinamik dan interaktif melalui media cakera padat.

Geospatial Image Online Service (GIOS) is a services for you to get information about geospatial information (GIS). It is about data reference to a place that a set of geographic coordinates, which can be gathered, manipulated and displayed in real time. GIOS is a services that provide of storing and displaying geographically reference information. Everything you need to know to search for, explore, customise and obtain Malaysia land from the Geospatial Image Online Service (GIOS).





Malaysian Remote Sensing Agency (ARSM)


The Forest Monitoring System using Remote Sensing (FMRS) was developed by the Malaysian Remote Sensing Agency (MRSA) and has been utilised by the Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia (FDPM) since the year 2009. This system has enabled the monitoring of forest activities at macro and micro level in an effective manner by using the latest high resolution satellite images. The system also has the capability to detect and monitor logging activities enclosed within and outside licensed logging areas.

MyGeoBiod was developed by Malaysian Remote Sensing Agency (MRSA) in collaboration with other user agencies using remote sensing, GIS and other related technologies to support the management and conservation of the national biodiversity resources program lead by Biodiversity Management & Forestry Division, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE). MyGeoBiod components encompasses development of the database, analysis, modeling and decision support tool. The aim of MyGeoBiod is to provide a centralized geospatial biodiversity database to effectively and accurately acquire local flora and fauna data, and systematically create an online database with surveyed samples and distribution data of wild flora and fauna through back-end data processing.

The FSI System utilises the sea surface temperature and chlorophyll information obtained from the satellite data in order to identify highly potential fishing sites. Information on the fishing site (in coordinate) is distributed daily to the fisherman. Through this highly precised fishing site identification, the fisherman can immediately go to the potential fishing sites without any delay.

iDengue For the Community System is a website that provides accurate and up-to-date information of residential areas affected by active dengue epidemic in the country. This system provides information on monthly cumulative dengue cases by specific district. The system is able to create awareness within the public about the dengue status in their respective areas. Thus action can be taken to prevent dengue outbreak by eliminating the breeding places of Aedes mosquitoes. 

  • Monsoon Flood Logistics and Information System

The Monsoon Flood Logistics and Information System was developed to provide information on the location and extent of the flood inundated areas to the agencies directly involved in national flood management activities. Information from this system in the form of coverage and acreage of inundated areas, types of land use affected, estimated numbers of flood victims and location of flood evacuation centres, are utilised for the early assessment of flood damage to the affected area. 

  • Paddy Cultivation Management System

The Paddy Cultivation Management System was developed by Malaysian Remote Sensing Agency (MRSA) in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture Selangor. This collaboration with various agricultural agencies, aim to provide an integrated geospatial database system for paddy crop management. This system utilized remote sensing, Geographic Information System (GIS) an other related technologies. It has the capability to estimate the actual paddy planted area for one (1) planting season, as well as assisting in the monitoring of paddy planting activities according to the planting schedule. 

  • e-Nilaian

e-Nilaian for properties system was developed through collaborative effort between Malaysian Remote Sensing Agency (MRSA) and Valuation And Property Services Department (JPPH) using remote sensing, GIS and other related technologies The system facilitates valuation officers from the JPPH to perform a more effective and systematic valuation of real estate and property services. 

  • Dengue Outbreak Management System

The Dengue Outbreak Management System provides a comprehensive and up-to-date information on the location of dengue cases. This system is also able to automatically generate cluster outbreak area map and linked directly to the web-based system to facilitate Ministry of Health (MOH) in the planning and implementation of monitoring, control and prevention activities. Accurate information of the location and dengue outbreak cases will be able to assist the MOH to increase the effectiveness of dengue prevention and control activities. 


Jabatan Pengairan dan saliran (JPS) - On-Line Hydrological Data

Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran (JPS) - Public Info Banjir



Sistem Pemantauan Bandar Selamat (SPBS)


Sistem Pemantauan Bandar Selamat (SPBS) adalah satu sistem yang mengintegrasikan elemen penandaan kejadian jenayah di peta atas pelantar sistem maklumat geografi (GIS) yang mempunyai koordinat.

Objektif utama Sistem Pemantauan Bandar Selamat (SPBS) adalah :

  • memantau keberkesanan pelaksanaan langkah Program Bandar Selamat dalam menangani jenayah jalanan di kawasan pihak berkuasa tempatan (PBT);
  • mengenal pasti kawasan "hotspot" sedia ada dan berpotensi;
  • mengenal pasti corak jenayah dan lokasi yang kerap berlaku jenayah; dan,
  • menyediakan maklumat untuk penguatkuasaan langkah-langkah pencegahan jenayah.


Kementerian Belia dan Sukan (KBS) - Aplikasi Pemetaan Belia Malaysia


Web Mapping Portal

A geoportal for development plan in Malaysia 


ITIS - Integrated Transport Information System

The Integrated Transport Information System (ITIS) is a traffic managementsystem in Klang Valley, Malaysia. ... The system is used for traffic monitoring, accident, construction and other situations that happen on the roads and highways in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley.​


EGIS - FELDA Geographical Land Index  

eGIS is a GPS-GIS digital works technology that is used to generate 317 Felda’s estates digital maps and connecting it with SLP database. Computerized data management that helps in data management, data alteration, data analysis and data output that related with map data/plan. Required hardware, database, procedure and staff’s ability to use and manage the data. It enables users to determine problem area, analyze estate’s map, locate & place landmark accurately, search land lot and determine road maintenance allocation. 








1. PEGIS ( Penang Geographic Information Centre)

PEGIS (Penang GIS Centre) was established in 1992. Our organization was the first GIS state government agency in Malaysia. PEGIS started as a two-year pilot project, and was designed to address issues arising from land matters, rapid land development, and increasing demand for land related data from the public and private sectors. The objectives were to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of data management, develop an automated tool for spatial database and the dissemination of data and to translate various social, economic and infrastructure plans into action plans. Finally, to support the stakeholders for decision making process regarding land issues. 


2. PEGIS ArCGIS Online


3. Geoportal JPBD Pulau Pinang

GeoPortal ini merupakan satu aplikasi Peta Atas-talian (online mapping) yang menyediakan maklumat GIS kepada pengguna.


4. Penang Tree Information System (PETIS)







1. 1Map Melaka

1Map Melaka merupakan sistem GIS bersepadu Negeri Melaka atau dikenali sebagai “One Stop Centre Malacca Map” yang menggabungkan dan mengumpulkan semua sistem GIS dan data-data spatial di dalam satu teras yang sama. Penerbitan sistem 1Map Melaka ini terdapat di dalam Pelan Induk GIS Negeri Melaka 2010-2015 sebagai salah satu sistem pelaksanaan GIS Negeri. 





1. GeoJohor

GeoJohor merupakan satu aplikasi Portal Guna Tanah (Landuse Portal) Negeri Johor yang dibangunkan oleh PLAN Malaysia@Johor.Aplikasi ini mengandungi Pangkalan Data Spatial berasaskan Sistem Maklumat Geografi (GIS) yang menghimpunkan sumber data dari pelbagai jabatan/agensi di Negeri Johor. Aplikasi ini merupakan pusat sehenti (One Stop Center) - Pangkalan Data Spatial untuk rujukan pelbagai pihak sama ada disektor awam, swasta dan akademik. Ia juga dibangunkan selaras dengan Pelan Induk ICT Negeri Johor bagi meningkatkan sistem capaian maklumat kepada orang awam khususnya berkaitan perancangan guna tanah dan sekaligus dapat membudayakan ICT dalam urusan pentadbiran kerajaan.



Iskandar Malaysia GeoSpatial (IMGIS) is a platform for user to promote sharing of geospatial information. It provides the GIS data and information in a simple and easily interpreted by the user. With this platform, you can share your data and turn your data into web-enabled services that your whole organization and public can use. Now, you can share everything in GIS and your user can visualize the information.





1. PutraGeoInfo

Perbadanan Putrajaya Geospatial Information System (PutraGeoInfo) is a web-based application that can be used to view maps and get information of Putrajaya to anyone with internet access. In general, PutraGeoInfo was developed for the spatial data and information followed the Malaysian Standards MS 1759:2004 by Department of Standards Malaysia (DSM) and Electronic Submission Standard (ESS) by Perbadanan Putrajaya (PPj). 








1. Perak GIS

PerakGIS merupakan Sistem Maklumat Perancangan Geo-Spatial Negeri Perak yang dibangunkan berasaskan keperluan Kerajaan Negeri Perak untuk mewujudkan sebuah pangkalan data geospatial yang komprehensif di peringkat negeri, daerah dan tempatan. Ia menggunapakai teknologi sistem maklumat geografi atau geographical information system (GIS). Pembangunan PerakGIS adalah menggunakan teknologi 'opensource'.






1. GIS9 Portal

GIS9 adalah nama singkatan bagi sistem Maklumat Geografi Negeri Sembilan yang mengandungi data-data Geospatial. GIS9 boleh memaparkan maklumat dalam pelbagai bentuk melalui ‘attribute table’ bagi keseluruhan kawasan Negeri Sembilan. GIS9 yang dibangunkan oleh Kerajaan Negeri Sembilan adalah khusus bagi membantu proses membuat keputusan dan perancangan dengan berdasarkan fungsi dan keperluan kepada jabatan-jabatan Kerajaan di Negeri Sembilan






1. Sarawak Geoportal
This portal aims to allow the user to understand the various environmental, social and political developments that are happening in Sarawak and to make these underlying issues more transparent. 








TM Smart Map 

  • Key features Offers customers the capability for the map services to be integrated or customized into their website or application. Customer is able to access and display TM map once they start using Smartmap API. Benefits Customer able to get map update at no extra charge Increase user experience of their website/application by embedding TM map to points out location of their business branches 

ArcGIS Online , Iskandar Malaysia Geospatial 

  • Iskandar Malaysia GeoSpatial (IMGIS). IMGIS is a platform for user to promote sharing of geospatial information. It provides the GIS data and information in a simple and easily interpreted by the user.

ESRI Malaysia 

  • ​​​ArcGIS Online is a collaborative, cloud-based technology platform that allows you and members of your organisation to easily create, share and access maps, applications and data.