Search Geographic Names (MyGeoName)

Geographical Names Database or locally referred to as Pangkalan Data Nama Geografi - PDNG is a database that contains names, locations, historical backgrounds and entity types of places name in Malaysia. It is an authoritative records that are available for government and public usage. PDNG is made accessible online through an application called MyGeoName.


Diagram 1: View application MyGeoName


PDNG was developed for the purpose of:


    To certify consistent use of a proper name for effective communication;

    To support socio-economic development, conservation and national infrastructure;

    To facilitate in locating various communities by establishing consistent use of geographical names;

    To preserve the rich heritage of places, whereby each name tells a story and provides a sense of place; and

    To identify and reflect culture, heritage and landscape associated with geographic names.


To expedite the process of developing databases for geographical names, the government has established the National Geographical Name Committee (JKNG) which was approved by the  Malaysia Cabinet on 11th September 2002. JKNG, then formed a committee called Working Group on Geographical Name Database and Web Gazetteer (KKPDNG) on 11th March 2003, led by MaCGDI’s director.  JKNG published the Guideline for the Determination of Geographical Names in 2005 which then, becomes a Malaysian Standard MS 2256: 2009 Geographic Information-Guidelines for the Determination of Geographical Names in 2009.

Diagram 2: Organization Chart for Committees & Working Groups of Geographical Names