How to Apply Data

Sharing of geospatial data for government users Government-to-Government (G2G) is free under the MyGDI programme. However, if you are interested to know more about the geospatial data you can access the MyGDI Metadata Catalogue or MyGDI Explorer. These are the procedures involved in obtaining the geospatial information for government users under the MyGDI programme. 


 List data available for sharing 

 Geospatial Information Sharing and Dissemination Through MyGDI Guidelines


Procedure of Geospatial Data Application


1.    Address your application to Director of MaCGDI. Here is , Example of Application Letter from Government Agency



       Pusat Infrastruktur Data Geospatial Negara (MaCGDI),

       Kementerian Air, Tanah & Sumber Asli (KATS)

       Aras 7 & 8, Wisma Sumber Asli, No. 25, Persiaran Perdana,

       Presint 4, 62574, Putrajaya


2.    The original letter (hardcopy) must be sent to MaCGDI office and softcopy of application letter must be email to  or fax to  03-8889 4851.
3.    Application letter must fulfill  the following informations : 
1.Agency / Department / University Letterhead
2. Address to
3. Application Purpose
4. Requested data and Covered Area
5. Contact Information
6.Application must be through Head of Department

4.    MaCGDI officer will contact the applicant based on the contact information in the application letter. Additional information will be notified to the applicant in this process. 

5.    Application will be processed within 14 working days depending on availability of data  and supporting documents.
6.    The applicant must make an evaluation for each completed application using the Data Sharing Assessment Form attached.
7.    Required supporting documents are as follows: 
Table 1: List of  Supporting Documents required