MyGeotranslator is an initiative of the Malaysian Centre for Geospatial Data Infrastructure (MaCGDI) to assist and facilitate data providers agency in using geospatial data standard that was developed by MaCGDI through the MyGDI Standard Technical Committee (JTSM) together with the Department of Standards Malaysia (DSM) and Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) to facilitate the sharing of data through MyGDI. 

MyGeotranslator Objectives


  • Helps and facilitate agencies data providers use data standard /geospatial information
  • To ensure geospatial data/geospatial information can be shared 
  • To assist technical agencies in development of geospatial data
  • Help agencies to reduce development geospatial data costs.


 MyGeotranslator Key features


  1. Revision Data Module - allows this system to check data to ensure that the data meets the specified data specifications for each sub module.  
  2. Format Data Module - allows users to convert data from one GIS data format to another GIS data format.
  3. Coordinate Transformation Module - allows users to perform various transformation system coordinates and projections.  
  4. UPI Module (Unique Parcel Identifier) - generates a new output containing the UFI FT code and the UPI QT code that has been matched with existing information.
  5. MS1759 Module (Geographic Information Geomatics-Feature and Attribute Codes) -allows users to create data structures using MS1759 standard.
  6. GeoName Matching Module (Geographical Names Database) - enables the changes process of geographic name spelling refered in the Geographical Names Database (PDNG).
  7. MMS Module (Malaysia Metadata Standard- allow users to fill in metadata information for a particular data.
  8. Symbol Generating Module -  allows user to download list of standard symbol used by MaCGDI.
  9. Spatial Data Display Module- allow user overlay data into the basemap that has been set up on the system main page.