Circular Letters

The Government has developed a series of  circular letters and guidelines to assist agencies to better manage their spatial data.

​ Data Pricing

Geospatial Data Pricing and Dissemination Guidelines  provides guidance to data provider agencies in determining the price of their geospatial data. For the purpose of dissemination, every data custodian and provider are required to have price rates for their geospatial data and/or products. Data pricing is based on Micro Accounting System Guidelines as provided in Development Administration Circular Number 3/1992 which covers the cost of data production including data collection, aggregation, capture and conversion. The data pricing shouldn’t be about making profit but merely a cost recovery by agencies as part of their social responsibility.

 MyGDI Development and Implementation

Malaysian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (MyGDI) Development and Implementation Guidelines was established to coordinate the management, development and implementation of MyGDI - formerly known as the National Infrastructure for Land Information System (NaLIS) - through the establishment of several committees. Through MyGDI smart partnerships, the utilisation and sharing of geospatial data will be optimize with the cooperation and commitment of all parties involved including Federal/State agencies, local authorities, private organizations and technical committees.


Geospatial Data Custodianship Guidelines  provided as a means to ensure accountability in geospatial data management and maintenance among all government agencies involved. Geospatial data management through custodianship principal is based on partnership by facilitating data sharing and integration not only for the interests of particular agency but for benefit of all participating agencies. Thus it would avoid duplication of efforts and wastage costs in data collection. Through the custodianship, competent data providers can be identified and data integrity is ensured.

 Geospatial Data Center (GDC)

Geospatial Data Centre (GDC) Development and Implementation Guidelines  was established as supporting project that are part of MyGDI initiative. Through the GDC, standardised geospatial data within the 12 main data categories will be served and maintained via centralized database. Geospatial Data Centre cover the fundamental datasets at natonal (NGDC), state (SGDC) and local (LGDC) levels, respectively. The fundamental datasets are the important element that can be used as the basis for development of other geospatial data.

 Data Sharing and Dissemination

Geospatial Information Sharing and Dissemination Through MyGDI Guidelines provides guidance to agencies in term of requirements and procedures for data sharing and dissemination through MyGDI. In the context of data sharing, the least of information shall supply by agencies is metadata of their geospatial data/products. For the purpose of data sharing through MyGDI, data providers should define all their geospatial data/product policy on data classification, pricing, licensing, royalties and other terms and conditions subject to respective act and regulations. Geospatial data dissemination is subject to the Official Secrets Act 1972, Security Instructions Circular of Classified Geospatial Document 2007 and other regulations.

 ​Geospatial Information Standards  

Geospatial Information Standards Compliance Guideline  describes, in general, the use of standards in the data development to facilitate the sharing and dissemination of geospatial information. Those standards include the Feature and Attribute Codes (MS1759), Unique Parcel Identifier (UPI), Metadata, Geographical Names (GeoName) and Geospatial Data Quality Assessment.